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Friday, 18 November 2011

Fun and Frolics in the Cove - Engagement Shoot - Hayley and Sean - Images by Courtenay Photographic

On a beautiful spring day, the fabulous Dorset Wedding photographer Courtenay Hitchcock meandered down to Lulworth Cove to meet up with the lovely Hayley and Sean for their Engagement shoot.

Courtenay owns and runs Courtenay Photographic Ltd with his wife Laura. Courtenay is a highly experienced professional wedding photographer, with a very distinctive relaxed style through which he can’t hide his sense of fun.

He's also big Man U fan, loves being in the mountains, and is probably a little too fond of profiteroles and the odd single malt.

The stunning setting for the E- Shoot Lulworth Cove , was formed approximately 10,000 years ago by the awesome powers of a river and the sea.
It continues to evolve behind a narrow Portland Stone entrance as the softer Purbeck, Wealden, Greensand and Chalk exposures are eroded.

The Cove is a pebble beach, and by virtue of its natural protection is very sheltered.

On the day, Courtenay and the couple were blessed with an idyllic setting, and some gorgeous weather with wall to wall warm sunshine which they capatilised on with some fun and frolics!

What a beautiful day and with a couple game for a laugh and a bit of a splash about. The Cove is a stunning tranquil location for any sort of photography with exceptional views providing an exceptionally pretty backdrop.
Thanks so much to Courtenay for once again sharing his lovely work.

To Contact Courtenay Photographic

Phone: 01258 473671

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Nature meets Style - The Wedding of Pete and Sarah - Images by Stuart Craig

On a Sunny day in September the incredible photographer Stuart Craig shot a beautiful Edinburgh Wedding that was bursting with vibrant colour and personality and style.

It was a short shoot with coverage of  Ceremony and formals only but there is a lot of loveliness packed into those few hours.

Stuart is a wedding photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland and covers weddings and civil partnerships throughout the country.

Stuart guides us through their lovely day,

"The leafy surroundings of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh is a favourite shooting spot of mine, being so close to my premises, and offering a great natural backdrop for photography.
Sarah and Pete had joined me for a pre-wedding shoot here a few weeks before, so I was looking forward to seeing the real thing."

"Their big day promised a memorable ceremony in the grove and a welcome splash of colour. I arrived with Agent Claire and unpacked the camera as the guitars were being tuned.
Roll on the jungle look."

"As folk began to gather in the grove I left Agent Claire and went searching for the bridesmaids.
They were hovering around the elegant looking Caledonian Hall, clutching their bouquets and looking as colorful as a rainbow."

"Pete greeted me outside before heading off up the path with his best man, turning only to acknowledge to some cheeky jibes from the bridesmaids."

"Sarah arrived in a cab a few minutes later, grinning from ear to ear and offering a fleeting look of delight."

"A few official mementos with Sarah’s parents and her bridesmaids passed the time as everyone gathered their thoughts, and prepared to make the walk through the gardens to the grove. The shoes said it all. This was going to be a lovely walk."

"Check out the Vivien Westwoods!"

"Sarah looked relaxed, and had us all laughing as she waved goodbye and threatened to do a runner.
The wedding co-ordinator briefed everyone on timings and led the way as the bridal procession began.
Sarah followed in her dad’s arms, and slowly came into view."

"The humanist ceremony got underway as Sarah and Pete turned to face each other. Everyone watched intently as some readings broke the ice before several warm stories were shared by the celebrant."

"It was great to be outdoors and have plenty of soft light to work with, and backdrop looked wonderfully natural.
The emotion and intensity quickly increased as Sarah and Pete swopped stories from their cards, prompting plenty of grins from the audience. The happiness was there for everyone to see."

 "The weather was not going to spoil this one I thought, as the happy couple began to say their vows and exchanged rings. All eyes were facing the front as they were pronounced husband and wife, before the deal was sealed with a kiss and the type of look you only ever see between two people in love."

"A lovely shot of the signing of the register marked the end of the ceremony, before the celebrant stood in front of the crowd and invited everyone to spread love with a hug.
Sarah and Pete kicked it off, before the hug moved it’s way through the rows of seats. Myself and Agent Claire entered the arena and caught what we could from rapidly changing positions. It looked great fun, and made everyone smile."

"Sarah and Pete walked back down the red carpet together and led the way back to the Caledonian Hall for their drinks reception.
After a bit of mingling, we created a few family photographs on the lawn before retreating to mix with the crowd for some candid shots."

"I eventually invited the happy couple away for some one-on-one time, and led them back to the grove where a favourite spot lay in wait.
The bench played host to their intimate chatter as I moved into the trees, feeling somewhat like a sniper."

"We re-created some of the shots practiced during our pre-wedding shoot, and threw in a few new ones for good measure.
To be honest, they didn’t need the practice so I figured it would be easy to create the natural look with a bit of variety."

"With a classic looking portrait in the bag, we headed of to quiet bridge to take advantage of some early autumn colours and create some romantic blur.

The sun poked it’s head out briefly as they strolled down the path, looking quite pleased with themselves."

"Sarah and Pete posed against the wooden railing before getting down to business with some kissing.
 They seemed very keen and I even had to shout ‘cut’ on one occasion!"

"The bouquet was duly discarded as it was clearly just getting in their way."

 "A final stop off for a photo with a local tiger seemed an appropriate way to mark their occasion.
It was no accident that all three of them looked perfectly at home in their surroundings. This was their very own jungle look which had been such a great part of the day."

Thanks so much to Stuart for sharing these gorgeous stylish images.
I am passionate about bright colours at Weddings, you can feel that someones love can stretch as far as a Rainbow and from the look of the happy smiles on everyones face, it probably could.

To Contact Stuart Craig Photography

Website: http://www.stuartcraig.com
Email: photography@stuartcraig.com
Phone: 0131 552 9003 / 07917 400 710
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/StuCraigPhoto
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stuart-Craig-Photography/151218511638328

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Venue Spotlight - "29" Glasgow

Walking through the streets of Glasgow, you stop in a picturesque square with a fabulous art Gallery, twinkly lights in the winter, a sprinkling of boutiques and there nestling in the corner is something quite unexpected but somewhat fabulous.

29 Private Members Club occupies 2 floors of stunning 19th Century blonde sandstone premises in the hub of Glasgow's vibrant cosmopolitan capital.

The area is internationally renowned for its spectacular architecture, contemporary shops, museums and art galleries.

The Club is not about over the top stuffiness and it's not about unnecessary formality... but it is quite simply, about creating an environment where people can unwind, entertain, conduct business and relax with family and friends.

I have been priviliged to host an intimate Wedding in the Club as well as the Big Fat Scottish Tweet up just recently.

From outside, you don't get to see the cavernous splendour of this amazing place with its extraordinary versatility for any kind of Event, but once you climb the stairs you enter into a whole new world.

The Supper Club is a stunning room with traditionally retored architecture, and a perfect blank canvas.

The glamourous Network Bar is a stylish area for holding a Wedding Drinks Reception or Event, and is effortlessly cool with it's bespoke illuminated Catwalk.

The outstanding Rooftop Terrace has been described as an Oasis in the midst of the City Centre, and is the perfect place to sit on sunny day and enjoy alfresco summer drinks, a corporate barbeque, entertain clients or Wedding guests during the Drinks reception period.

I had a chat with the awesome David Smith, newly crowned "VOWS" Winner about his work at 29.

"In terms of my role I see it as being the “face” of 29 Weddings – I go to Networking events, look for ways to increase our exposure to both potential clients, and to suppliers."

"All prospective enquiries are passed through me as I very much believe that in order to be an effective wedding coordinator I have to be involved with the couple as much as possible from the very outset.
Only then do I really understand what they want from their day, how they feel about certain aspects of it – traditional versus modern etc."

"Once I have completed the tour, I then prepare a full proposal for the day which goes over approximately 4 pages – this is something that sets us apart from our competitors, we definitely provide more information right at the outset than a lot of the other city centre venues do."

"As we work towards the big day, my role is really to help facilitate what the couple wants – so often there are things that a couple don’t want to talk about, or don’t feel comfortable talking about – especially when it comes to family politics – that I have to be able to pick up on what is not being said to give the couple the correct guidance."

"I am the person who greets the Groom on the big day, I meet the Bride and escort her and the wedding party to the venue and I am the one who walks the bride up to the ceremony and sends her in – that is probably the best part of my day – standing outside the ceremony room with the bride & her father, listening to the music and looking at the bride – you can see the moment of “WOW – here we go” on every brides face just before they go into the ceremony – that is a magical moment."

"Myself and the Food Beverage manager run the event according to the schedule – he ensures that all the practical elements are covered – staff are where they need to be, the room is set correctly and I make sure the Bride & Groom are comfortable and know whats happening – I'm the familiar face so its good for me to be about as that helps to keep the couple relaxed."

"On top of that I am also responsible for the website design and content, I'm working on a brochure redesign at the moment, and I keep the testimonial page up to date."

Thanks to David for sharing a little bit about himself and his role.
From my experience, David is a tip top facilitator , a very friendly face and extremely accomodating.
And every time I have held an Event or attended one, I have felt special as soon as I arrive.

"29" is definetely a hidden gem in Glasgow's crown that shines very brightly.

For more Wedding information click .HERE

To Contact "29" Glasgow

Website: http://www.29glasgow.com
Email: 29reception@lynnetleisure.com or David.Smith@lynnetleisure.com [Wedding Co-ordinator]
Phone: 0141 225 5615
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/29Glasgow
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/29glasgow or http://www.twitter.com/29_weddings [David - Co-ordinator]

Images by Bob McDougall