Monday, 20 December 2010

Snow Queen

Its something that you can only dream about !
What happens when one of the most talented photographers in the UK comes together with one of the foremost and gifted Bridal Designers.?
The answer is...Magic !!

From a random comment on Twitter “Hey, you know that new bridal coat you’ve designed? Wouldn’t it look amazing photographed in the snow?" to the Kent countryside on a chilly day at the start of December.

Its the kind of photography that makes you just gasp with amazement, and the kind of Bridal Couture that makes you go Wow !

Jonathan Ryan and Natalie Gladman brought together a cutting edge fashion shoot in a few days through the power of Social networking.
They used Twitter, Skype, websites, a whole lot of Google and a serious amount of phone calls to pull together a team of over a dozen people.

They secured the stunning Westenger Castle, and its incredible grounds.

The lovely Chelc modelled the stunning Bridal coat, and her gorgeous make up was applied by the very wonderful Tammy.

Zoe, Jonathans trusty assisitant was a true warrior dragging around lights and lots of kit, and the lovely Caroline travelled all the way from Hertfordshire with the her two awesome huskies Maverick and Goose.

And the shoot was completed by the lovely Natalie of Madeline Isaac James, and her family bringing her stunning coat all the way from Hampshire, and being up for anything throughout the shoot when challenged by the elements.

The images speak for themeselves, stunning imagery from the brightness of the snow to the deep colours of the architecture and countryside providing a striking balance.

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